Welcome to the Newborough Village website

This website provides information on local community groups and businesses in Newborough. It is run by volunteers and funded by the Parish Council.

Newborough is a beautiful, small, rural village situated in East Staffordshire on the North West side of Needwood Forest, three miles South West of Hanbury and eight miles West of Burton-upon-Trent.  The village, with a population of approximately four hundred and fifty residents, stands in a narrow dale through which the River Swarbourne, a small rivulet, flows southward to the River Trent. In recent years it has practised the annual custom and art of Well Dressing with three wells being decorated and blessed on May Day, the first Monday in May.

All Saints Church lies at the heart of the village opposite the Red Lion Inn and the Old Baker’s Cottage, a Coffee Shop which also provides Bed and Breakfast.

The eastern side of the Parish is in the National Forest. Hollybush was
once the seat of the local squires. The present largest landowner is now probably the Duchy of Lancaster.