The Newborough (R)Amblers

The Newborough walking group has never really had a proper name – being variously called The Ramblers, The Walkers and my particular favourite these days – The (R)Amblers.
The walkers first came together in 1988 through a request from Newborough Parish  Council to the Women’s Institute to do a survey of all the Parish footpaths. When this was complete members agreed that it had (in the main) been quite a pleasant experience and it was decided to start walking on a regular basis. At first only WI members took part, but then it was opened to husbands and finally to anyone who wished to join in. We are not a large group so there isn’t too long a wait to get over stiles! There has never been a Committee, rules, subscriptions or even a regular leader, everyone taking it in turns to lead or to suggest a walk. We usually walk once a month.
Today there are still several of the original members still walking with the group even after all those years. Our walks now tend to be shorter, and on routes that avoid hills and stiles. We are easily put off walking by bad weather (we walk for pleasure, not for endurance after all), but nevertheless we try to meet regularly to enjoy each others company, the fresh air, the new scenery and of course the exercise (not to mention the pub lunches).

Walks in 2015 took us to new places and a return to old favourites. Close to home we went to neighbouring Draycott in the Clay, with good views across the Dove Valley and to Yoxall, with equally good views across the Trent Valley (to Lichfield and beyond). A little further afield saw us exploring Tatenhill (in the mud), Dunstall (around the Hall) Blithfield (around the water), and Kings Bromley (through the poly tunnels). More watery views at the JCB Lakes, the canal at Great Haywood (in the footsteps of Tolkein) and at Wolseley Bridge, and to a windy Barton Marina. A long awaited return to Dimmingsdale (amongst the ashes – recent fire damage) and a trip ‘over the border’ to Darley Park in Derby. This year we made twelve outings – none cancelled due to bad weather – quite a record.