Parish Council

Newborough Parish Council is made up of seven elected members who live/and or work within the Parish, to include the Chairman and Vice Chairman, and a Parish Clerk, who oversees all administrative issues and serves the Council. For the latest information and news please see the News section – News

Council meetings are formal events and include a public forum at which members of the public may comment or ask questions. They have a clear purpose to make decisions and are officially minuted by the Parish Clerk and discuss many issues, briefly summarized below:

– Planning, Highways & Traffic calming issues
– Maintenance of parks & public open spaces
– Street lighting
– Street cleaning & Litter patrol
– Rights of way ie. keeping public footpaths accessible
– Supporting community events and groups within the village.

A Parish Notice Board can be found in the centre of the village and is kept up-to-date on any topical issue. Parish Council documents including approved minutes are available to view at

The Newborough Parish Council Archives can be accessed here

The Parish Council is always open to new ideas or suggestions and welcomes any help or support. We currently have a casual vacancy, so please let the Chairman or Clerk know if you might be interested.

Current Councillors are:


Cllr. Bethan Waite – 01283 575049 – 07813 883326 –

Holly Cross,  Yoxall Road, Newborough, Staffordshire. DE13 8SU

 Vice Chairman:

Cllr. Barrie Gill – 01283 575951

11 Squirrels Corner, Newborough, Staffordshire. DE13 8SA


Cllr. Deanne Bell – 01283 575715

1 Swarbourne Court, Yoxall Road, Newborough, Staffordshire. DE13 8SB

Cllr. Alison Fletcher – 01283 575687

2 Yoxall Road,  Newborough, Staffordshire. DE13 8SU

Cllr.  Linda Instone – 01283 575141

Blacksmiths Cottage, Hollybush park, Hollybush Road, Newborough, Staffordshire. DE13 8SF

Cllr John Sherwood – 01283 575123

West Cottage, Newborough End, DE13 8SR

For any further information or enquiries, please contact the Parish Clerk, June Bullingham, Hillcott, Duffield Lane, Newborough, DE13 8SH. Tel : 01283 575053 or 07908 691842. Email

To view the members interests for the Parish Councillors please visit the following link Members interests