Neighbourhood Plan


What is the Newborough Neighbourhood Plan?

Newborough has been awarded funding as a government Frontrunner to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the Parish. This is a town planning policy document which, once adopted via referendum, will be used to determine planning applications in the Parish. This is a crucial opportunity to ensure that the residents of our parish have the chance to have their say in deciding what issues the NDP will deal with and how it is going to shape the future of Newborough.

The Newborough Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering public launch was held at Needwood School on Wednesday 5th February 2014.  There was a fantastic turnout with over 50 people attending. We were all very excited to be starting this really important project! Since then several further workshops have been held, including one at Needwood School and one for older children/young adults.

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What happens now?

The project is all about the future of our community. What are the things that are important to you now? How do you want to see Newborough develop/grow – or otherwise – in the future? Do you care about the local services we have now: church, pub, school, coffee shop, bus service, mobile library etc? Are they unimportant to you – or do you want to try to secure their future? What role will Newborough play in the future of your children or grandchildren? Are you happy to see industrial units in the village which may provide local jobs? Or do you want to retain the “status quo”?

Further events will be organised to allow everyone to have their say on the future of our village.  Please do come along to as many as you can and help support and shape the future of your village.

If you’ve got any queries, please email, or call our planning consultants, BPUD Ltd, on 01625 26 29 24.


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